Jack Janson and the Storm Caller – a blog tour review

After 14 days of wonderful reviews for the blog tour of Jack Janson and the Storm Caller it’s all over. It has been a great ride full of truly heartfelt comments and reviews for my book, so a big thank you goes out to Heather Fitt, the blog tour organiser, and the 14 bloggers who took part. Well, if I’m being honest, one blogger didn’t manage to post, but they may have had not been able to for some reason.

The reviewers came from all parts of the world including the UK, the USA, Australia and the Philippines to give a rich diversity of reviewers. I think that all of them were women, which is interesting because although there are 2 strong female characters un the book, the main character, Jack Janson, is male and just a few days short of his 14th birthday.

Was it as good as I had hoped?

Yes, better. Every reviewer that gave it a star rating gave Jack Janson and the Storm Caller at least 3 star. There were:-

Three 3 stars

Five 4 stars

Three 5 stars

Two didn’t give any star rating

One blog didn’t post a review

That means that half of them gave a 4 star or better review, that is amazing and I’m really pleased with it.

Every reviewer said something positive for the book, either a character who resonated with them, the sense of how the relationships between the characters grew in the book or the story line. As a writer, to connect with such a varied audience from all parts of the world in such a manner is very satisfying.

An extract of each day’s comments is provided below:-

Day 1 – Once Upon A Time Blog – 5 stars

“Jack Janson & the Storm Caller has, in my opinion the potential to be the next big series that everyone will want to read.”

Day 2 – Between the Pages Book Club – 4 stars

“Perfect read for young adult and teenage fantasy readers. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend.”

Day 3 – Shalini’s Books and Reviews – not starred

“Relationships and family were paramount in the story, and the author brought it out beautifully in the interactions with the giant.”

Day 4 – Mrs Brown’s Books – 3 stars

“…I can totally see how this would appeal to a young audience: there are plenty of genre elements that would engross many readers.”

Day 5 – Herding Cats Bog – 4 stars

“The plot, setting and characters are all well developed and this is a really enjoyable gem.  I’m looking forward to more adventures with Jack.”

Day 6 – The Twist and the Turn Blog – not starred.

“For me the authors style remained me so much of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton they had this innate skill to write amazing fantasy and mystery books for children and young adults but speak to them as adults, and make the story’s so well crafted, that even the fantasy elements are relate-able to the reader, quite amazingly this author manages to do this with ease leaving us with a magical tale that young children, young adult readers and adults themselves can enjoys as they slowly get lost in this fantasy world.”

“I am thrilled to know that this book is going to be part of a series and this household cannot wait for the next.”

Day 7 – Anonymous Expression Blog – 5 stars

“So much happened in Andrews book that captured my imagination and won my heart that it is hard to think how he managed to fit it all in.”

Day 8 – no post.

Day 9 – Beyond the Books Blog – 5 stars

“This is such a lovely book. It is enchanting and magical at the same time. Andrew Marsh has done an excellent job in producing a quality tale for across the board audiences! 5☆ for me!”

Day 10 – Blogging With Carol – 4 stars

“I hope to read more of this series as it has great potential and could easily be a TV series.”

Day 11 – Books by Bindu – 4 stars

“But for me the main takeaway from this book was acceptance. Acceptance of strange circumstances, magic being in the world, a giant, to name but a few.”

Day 12 – Kristen Susienka Blog – 4 stars

“I think Jack Janson & the Storm Caller is a unique addition to the middle grade/YA genre. While simplistically written and told, it is also a coming-of-age story that will resonate with kids going through some of life’s most trying times.”

Day 13 – Dini Panda Reads – 3 stars

“Overall though, this was a well-paced and heart warming story about family, growing up and finding your place. It’s a good introduction to the fantasy genre for young readers and I think many will enjoy Jack Janson’s story!”

Day 14 – KBbookreviews – 3 stars

“Overall: the story is fun, engaging and full of potential! the magic is easy to grasp and understand, the characters are realistic and interesting, and the story is intriguing and well paced.”

To conclude, the blog tour was a great success, some of the reviews have been posted on Amazon which really helps raise my profile and the book’s popularity. The comments received have been honest as each blogger see’s the story and I can ask no more than that.

For anyone serious about their books, particularly an indie author like me, I can highly recommend doing a blog tour. Heather Fitt @LifeBookish has done such a wonderful job in bringing it all together and keeping me informed throughout the process that I shall definitely be using her again for the second book in the series, Jack Janson and the Pirates of Nathir due out in the spring/summer.

Here’s how you can get your copy:-





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