That special feeling you get when you know your writing is singing

I have just looked back at my blog spread sheet and have surprised myself to notice that it has been over a week since I last posted. That must be a first in all of this time, but still somehow I have managed to miss blogging.

Well today I am back in the chair and am working on something completely different and new. It is just a few days old but it is grabbing my attention with every passing word.

I know this is a good sign and I have actually done one of the things I hate doing, I have stopped writing that work to blog you. It is the stopping what I was writing that I hate doing, unless I have come to a logical end or there is a natural break. So, here I am today, back in the saddle (allowing for frequent posture adjustments and changes) and I am writing a loving scene between a grandmother and her grandson as they watch a hailstorm outside. As I write that wonderful familiar overwhelming tingling sensation washes over me so fully that I have to smile and shake my hands. It is such an intense feeling, it is truly intense and a sign to me that is my “yes” signal.

We all have our own signals, sensations or feelings that can signify different things. I am lucky in that I have been able to tune into my body and listen to the feelings that I get. I have been able to calibrate them so that I know what each means. The overwhelming tingling sensation is most definitely “yes, this is what is supposed to happen,” a signal of agreement, a signal of acceptance and confirmation that I am doing the right thing.

It is an unmistakeable sign for me. Just as I know that I have several “no” signals, each with a different meaning and each being a different sensation within my body.

So my friends, I am now in that zone where I know I am writing the correct thing, doing what I should be doing and the plans in my head for the next part of the bigger picture of the story are also on track. It is a joyous place to be and I shall try to remain there for as long as I can and keep that momentum and keep connecting to the Great Story that has given me this part to tell at this time.

it is some distance of being complete, a long way from being complete, but I know that if I keep at it, it will come.

Just like the baseball field built in a field of corn, if you build it, they will come……


About purpleandrew

Andrew, recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is a 54 year old former geologist always had short hair, suited & booted for work. That all changed when the credit crunch hit. Now a complimentary therapist, hospital radio presenter, and writer. Andrew writes crime thrillers, Young Adult, and fantasy books as well as blogging about writing and other stuff that he feels strongly about.
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