What is a story and where does a story come from?

Consider this for a moment.

Archaeologists and anthropologists tell us that hundreds or thousands of years ago Man the species, that is us, somehow came up with very similar technological advances at around the same time, but on completely different parts of the planet. Indeed, such “mirror development” occurred with vast oceans between them.

How is this so?

There are theories and postulations, but unless by absolute chance, there must have somehow been a “connection” between these worlds for the culture’s to have developed to build the same type of thing and so on.

If for the time being we assume that there was no third party higher existence influencing these commonalities (aliens to you and me) then how is it possible for them to occur in the first place?

Now, back to the title of this blog, where do stories come from?

Where indeed?

Thinking left field, or even way out of the box, it may be possible that there is some form of unconscious connection, a morphogenic field and all stories that have ever existed and will ever exist are actually around us all the time. Like radio waves, they swirl around the entire planet and somehow when we want to “write a story” we are actually tapping into this field and extracting out a part of or our part of the Great Story. The Great Story that is our story, the story of Man, his story, history.

Just as there are people who are more tuned in to certain fields of excellence, say mathematics, music, literature, science and so on, writers are able to tap into this field “at will” and by directing their focus to a particular part of the Great Story are able to write that which comes to them.

Perhaps young children are the best at this because they have no perception of what is right or wrong and “invent” invisible friends, come up with great tales of goblins, giants, elves and so on when playing in the bushes at the bottom of the garden. It is only by exposure to adults and adult thinking that takes away that creative link and they are “de-sensitised” from the Great Story and have to “fall in line” with what is considered to be grown up behaviour.

I am sure that if we placed a hundred seven year old children from all parts of the globe in a room and said “you are in charge of the world” by tea time there would be no war, wealth and food would distributed fairly and equally amongst all of the peoples of the world and there would be an everlasting outbreak of peace.




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So, maybe the Story comes from all that is around us, and just like cultures that are isolated from one another by vast tracks of land or oceans, the Great Story, and/or the morphogenic field is the true story.

The wondrous story.



About purpleandrew

Andrew, recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is a 54 year old former geologist always had short hair, suited & booted for work. That all changed when the credit crunch hit. Now a complimentary therapist, hospital radio presenter, and writer. Andrew writes crime thrillers, Young Adult, and fantasy books as well as blogging about writing and other stuff that he feels strongly about.
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  1. Reblogged this on thejanusparadigm and commented:
    I’m very much with the ‘morphogenic field’ theory but I do think that all that swirling takes a bit of stirring from somewhere….don’t you?

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