Writer, Author, Creator or Master of the Universe. Which one are you?

I often think how poorly us writers think of ourselves and perhaps, more importantly what others think of us.

Consider this scenario; you are at a gathering of people, say some kind of function or a party. There are bankers, lawyers, bus drivers, civil engineers, working mums, hair dressers, electricians and plumbers. Maybe the odd geologist, (let’s face it, geologists can be very odd, I should know I was one for 23 years) and perhaps a plethora of other professionals and someone asks what you do.

Now, you may be a writer in your spare time (I know what you are thinking, an old sketch from the 1960’s about an argument comes to mind, and if that went right over your head, ask your dad) and have a “proper job” maybe one of those mentioned above, and you say “I am a writer.”

Well, it was your own fault replying like that, but I will bet you ten to one that you are looked down upon and met with some kind of derogatory remark. They peer at you as though you are some kind of tax dodger, traveller, door to door salesman or whatever and the next thing they say is “don’t you have a proper job?”

Either that or compare you to the bestselling fantasy author of the last twenty years, you know the one, she wrote about some boy who lived under the stairs and had a strange scar on his forehead. They scoff at you when you say you are trying to get published, or you have an e-book and have sold forty copies this year.

Then they laugh out loud, spill their drink down your shirt and ridicule you, or just walk off to someone far more interesting (for them).

All because of two things, firstly, they have no comprehension of what a writer is and can do and secondly, you replied “I am a writer.”

Now, this is where you have to use your creativity, that thing that makes you want to write. Suppose you replied,

“I am a creator of worlds” or

“I am an inventor of beings and creatures from far and distant lands” or

“I am a master magician and can make anything appear, or disappear just on a whim” or

“I have just invented a machine that can make coffee and spot speed traps on the roads at the same time”

Those are just four examples that will have people paying attention to you, they will unconsciously take a small step towards you, or lean in more intimately, eager for more, because you are a Creator.

A Creator!

A great Creator that can conjure up absolutely anything at all as quick as a light being turned on. You do this all the time. For me, I just sit and am open to ideas and I can’t write them down quick enough. You invent people, places, situations, strange ray guns or doppelganger bread machines, people that can hover above the ground, machines that can see though buildings, absolutely anything, you can do it all and every day, if you chose.

You are a writer but you are much more than that, you are the Master of the Universe.

You make up names for people and inventions, new creatures with three legs and four arms. You create beings that are ethereal light and talk in soft strange echoing voices. You create new languages and words with seventeen syllables that can be translated with a strange fish in your ear.

You can go to strange planets from far far away, but when you get there they all speak English and have gravity that is about the same as ours. You can create beings that never go to the toilet and have self-cleaning space ships. I mean, when was the last time you saw a sci-fi programme and/or film that had a cleaner working in the corridor just when the hero needed to dash a hundred meters in three seconds to save the world. He would have tripped over the electricity chord and/or got a rollicking for “messing up my clean floor.”

And as for self-cleaning space ships, I so want the domestic version of one of those right now, in the 21 century, right here. Oh yes, add the refillable bottle of fine wine and chocolate replicator to the “I want it now list” too.

As a writer, author and creator you can do anything and everything.

So, next time you are asked what you do, remember this rule, you are the Master of the Universe and can do anything you like, anything at all.

I for one, have my superhero hat on at the moment and am Super Blog Man, saving the world one blog at a time.

Keep writing for you know you have to.



About purpleandrew

Andrew, recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is a 54 year old former geologist always had short hair, suited & booted for work. That all changed when the credit crunch hit. Now a complimentary therapist, hospital radio presenter, and writer. Andrew writes crime thrillers, Young Adult, and fantasy books as well as blogging about writing and other stuff that he feels strongly about.
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