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About yesterday’s blog.

Yesterdays blog was all about indecision, and the problems that was causing me because I wanted to write, but my immediate writing task was not one that I was looking forward to.

So I blogged about it.

Guess what happened?

Having blogged and talked briefly to my wife about the problem, hey presto, it went away. I sat down and had a great day’s writing (the third best day by word count, if that is the judge of anything) and am now over 10,000 words past the problem.

I suppose this adds credence to the old adage, a problem shared is a problem halved.

So, thank you Blog for letting me get it out of my system so that i could do the thing that drives me.


So, tell me writing fans, what helps you get over that troubled time, that little blockage, the moment of shall I, shall I not.

For at the end of it, you want to write, no, you have to write!

Keep writing for you know you have too…….


About purpleandrew

Andrew, recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is a 54 year old former geologist always had short hair, suited & booted for work. That all changed when the credit crunch hit. Now a complimentary therapist, hospital radio presenter, and writer. Andrew writes crime thrillers, Young Adult, and fantasy books as well as blogging about writing and other stuff that he feels strongly about.
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