Always a writer

I had an interesting, yet, fairly common experience earlier today while driving to an appointment.

Something came to my head that i just had to write down, so i asked my wife to get a notebook and write down what i said. It was a simple three word phrase and sometime in the future it will be the title of one of my books.

The problem is that once that experience has been “tapped in to” i am there, in it. More comes, then even more and eventually i have to let it go, because i have to concentrate on my driving.

It got me to thinking, writers, us folk, you and me, are we ever NOT being a writer?

I am a people watcher taking in vast amounts of information about what people do, how they do it, what their mannerisms are, facial expression, what they are not saying or what they actually mean by what they say.

It all goes into the vast reference library that i carry around with me, my brain, my unconscious mind.

It is as much a part of me as an organ and somehow, when i need it, out pops the right piece, that piece in the jigsaw that allows the picture to make sense.

My trouble, is that like the one log that clears the log jam, it all comes gushing out so fast, do quick that i struggle to keep pace with it.

It is me? or are all you writers out there like me somehow?

Keep writing, for you know you have to…….

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About purpleandrew

Andrew, recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is a 54 year old former geologist always had short hair, suited & booted for work. That all changed when the credit crunch hit. Now a complimentary therapist, hospital radio presenter, and writer. Andrew writes crime thrillers, Young Adult, and fantasy books as well as blogging about writing and other stuff that he feels strongly about.
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